About Us


    The Bay Area has been credited for breeding some of the most creative, unique, and even underrated rappers of all time.  So it’s no surprise that eyes are on San Francisco’s rapper, Remedy.  Hailing from The Geneva Towers, there is something distinctly “Bay” about Remedy’s sound, yet his vibe and message are completely his own. Like many others before him, Remedy rose from the ashes, overcoming violence, low income, and adversity. Unlike many others, Remedy focuses directly on the positive, the hope, and the victory amidst struggle and suffering.

When he was 14 years old, Remedy was shot. Two bullets struck him, one shattering his spine and causing the bone fragment to cut his spinal cord. The shooting paralyzed Remedy from the knees down, leaving him unable to return to sports. That’s when Remedy focused all his energy into music production. Eventually, he became one of San Francisco rapper, Roach Gigz’s main producers, even touring with him. Remedy credits a lot of his initial curiousity for rap to Roach Gigz, stating that after he saw the San Francisco rapper interact with fans through his music, he felt so inspired he went home and began writing.  

 Remedy released his first project, Twerk Chair in 2012. Twerk Chair was an ode to the party lifestyle, the loud music, dancing, and care free demeanor of the youth. It focused heavily on Remedy’s perspective as a party-goer, in a chair. The project’s uniqueness came from the concrete delivery and hidden gems within the lyrics- something unusual and unseen for hip hop party music. Remedy gained fans and interest for speaking bluntly and even positively about being in a chair. He managed to turn what most may have considered an end to an actual beginning.

    In 2017, Remedy released “Roll Model”. His triumphant delivery and confident theme are perfectly synchronized with the self produced, optimistic beat. The lyrics ignite an honest conversation about being our own heroes despite our struggles. His music is an inspiration to fans who need a way out, seek hope,  and pray for proof of survival.  In his 2017 song “Don’t Love Me”, Remedy is clearly leaving his individual mark while still paying homage to the famous Bay Area stamp by including heavy, crazy 808s in all his beats.

    As an artist, Remedy speaks honestly about his intent behind the music. He aims to release music that represents and is a reflection of his own thoughts, life, and emotions. Most importantly, he is one of the only Bay Area rappers speaking heavily on positivity and encouragement throughout his music.  Remedy’s passion for music that is true to the artist comes from his realization that there is a lack of individualism and truth in the music industry. When leaving his mark, he says, he wants to make good music but more important, he wants to speak to the soul.